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Former spy Valerie Plame is either running for Congress or starring in a Bourne movie

She was betrayed by her government.

Then she was betrayed by her government a second time.

Now, she’s driving a Camaro in reverse as a metaphor for how the federal government is progressing backwards.


She is… Valerie Plame, and this is Robert Ludlum’s The Bourne Plamedentity.

Err, wait, Is this not a trailer for a movie about real-life former spy Valerie Plame as she drives her Camaro to Washington D.C. so she can beat up Scooter Libby and Donald Trump, with Dick Cheney showing up in the post-credits scene as the real Big Bad for the sequel? Going back over the video, it actually seems to be an ad for Plame’s new Congressional campaign, during which she uses her dramatic backstory—she was a spy who got burned by her own government!—to establish why she wants to go to Washington and settle some scores. Also: She has sunglasses. Also: She’s driving a Camaro and does a cool spin move with it. It’s all very cool.

Actually, it’s all pretty cheesy, but at least it’s cheesy in an endearing way that immediately makes the Plame campaign a lot more memorable than the average political candidate’s commercials. (Oh, you have a family and pretend to work on a farm? Call me when you’re driving a Camaro in reverse through the desert, you punk.) Plame is running in New Mexico, so vote for her if you live there—but only if you want to. For all we know, there are better candidates running against her, it’s just that none of them were the subject of a Decemberists song. Unless… does the guy from “Mariner’s Revenge Song” live in New Mexico? Please let us know in the comments.