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Former Sony co-chair Amy Pascal admits that she was fired

Now that the whole world knows her private opinion on joking about “black” movies (she’s for it), ex-Sony co-chair Amy Pascal has apparently decided to get ahead of any future hackers by just running her mouth in public. Pascal initially claimed that stepping down as Sony’s co-chair was all part of her “long-held dream” to resign in disgrace, but Pascal and her new ”fuck it” attitude had something different to say in San Francisco yesterday.

Speaking to journalist Tina Brown at the Women in the World conference, Pascal joked that “All the women here are doing incredible things in this world. All I did was get fired.” Presumably taking off her shoes and unfastening her bra as she spoke because who cares anymore, Pascal went on to describe her reaction to the news of the Sony hack: “I kept calling them, like, `They don’t have our emails, right? Tell me they don’t have our emails,’” she said. “Well, then they did. That was a bad moment.” In defense of the correspondence between her and Scott Rudin, Pascal added, “Everyone understood because we all live in this weird thing together called Hollywood. If we all actually were nice, it wouldn’t work.”


An emboldened Pascal continued sharing her insider opinions about working in Hollywood, calling actors “bottomless pits of need.” “You’ve never seen anything like it,” she said with the kind of candor that usually only emerges after the fifth round of margaritas. Pascal may no longer be running Sony, but she is still set to produce the studio’s newest attempt to Groundhog Day Peter Parker by sending him back to high school. We expect a statement about how she doesn’t even like Spider-Man and is just doing it because she knows nerds will show up to watch any old piece of shit with a superhero in it sometime in the near future.

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