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As far as we know, beloved Gilmore Girls “bad boy” Milo Ventimiglia has so far managed to avoid being sucked into the swirling aurora borealis of Heroes Reborn, but that might be because Ventimiglia has found a new superhero show to fall in love with. Against the wishes of his uncle and its mother, Ventimiglia has signed on for a multiple-episode story arc on Fox’s Gotham. He’ll be popping up later this season as a man named Jason Lennon, better known as The Ogre.


In the Batman comics that Gotham is barely based on, Ogre is a Frankenstein’s monster-style monster who was genetically modified by scientists to be some kind of super man. Gotham being Gotham, though, he only shares a name with that character, as the two are totally unrelated. According to the press release, this version of Ogre is a sexy serial killer who lures women into his lair and tests them to see if they’re his “perfect mate.” When they “fail to live up to his impossible standard,” he kills them. Also, his story arc will send everyone involved “on a course toward tragedy,” so somebody’s probably not making it out of this alive.

So maybe your mom was right about him, Rory. He certainly doesn’t sound like a good influence to us.

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