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Former Daredevil showrunner Steven DeKnight joins the Transformers writers’ room

Illustration for article titled Former iDaredevil/i showrunner Steven DeKnight joins the iTransformers/i writers’ room

Netflix has already announced that it’s bringing hit superhero show Daredevil back for another season, but showrunner Steven DeKnight won’t be returning with it. At the time, it wasn’t clear why DeKnight—who is also the creator of Starz’s Spartacus—would choose to leave a cool show with a good amount of acclaim like Daredevil, but it’s alright, because now he’s moving on to something better: the Transformers series, also known as the Most Important films of our generation. As reported by Deadline, DeKnight has joined the esteemed writers’ room that is tasked with coming up with storylines for future Transformers movies. Apparently, it’s more complicated than saying, “The Decepticons want to steal the Earth’s energy, and the Autobots have to roll out and stop them.”


The think tank also includes Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman, Ready Player One adapter Zak Penn, Amazing Spider-Man 2 writer Jeff Pinkner, Iron Man writers Art Marcum and Matt Holloway, Short Circuit remake writer Lindsey Beer, and Shut In writer Christina Hodson. Again, it takes all of these people—one of whom is a famous comic book creator who has to be pretty rich—to say, “Megatron holds the world’s governments hostage, demanding enough energy to return to Cybertron in exchange for their release. The Autobots roll out, beat him up, and save the day. Then, Optimus Prime gets elected President Of The World, but a rogue faction of political figures demand to see his birth certificate, alleging that he was born on one of Cybertron’s moons. The Autobots roll out, beat them up, and save the day. Cue Linkin Park song, roll credits.” Seriously, Paramount. Let us into that damn room. We would be so good at this.

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