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Over the weekend, we reported that CNN commentator Kayleigh McEnany had announced she was leaving her job at the network and then immediately appeared in a horrifying pro-Trump propaganda video the next day, but now we know that her new gig doesn’t just involve parroting Trump’s bullshit on Facebook. According to Deadline, she has just been named the new spokesperson for the whole Republican party, meaning she’s going to be parroting bullshit on behalf of a whole bunch of jerks instead. The Republican Party made this announcement on Twitter with a statement that repeatedly refers to the GOP as “the Party,” which gives the whole thing a fun 1984 vibe:


This presumably means we can look forward to seeing even more low-budget declarations from McEnany about certain things the Party does or does not want you to know over the coming months/years (depending on how much longer we have to suffer through this burgeoning dystopia).

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