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Before the election, when so many worthless polls said that Donald Trump was going to lose that even he probably thought he didn’t have a chance, it seemed like Trump was going to eventually reveal that his whole campaign was an elaborate scam that he could use to establish a Trump-branded news network. Now that he’s actually the president, though, Trump has realized that a news network with his name on it is more valuable than ever.

That is presumably why he recently launched Trump Tower Live, a video blog of sorts that is literally just a mouthpiece for him and his awful family members to spew their bullshit lies and doublespeak in an attempt to trick people into believing what the administration wants them to believe. It’s the kind of thing fascist dictators have done throughout history, but jazzed up with modern technology and presented by an endless horde of smiling white people with blonde hair.


Anyway, the latest person to trade whatever was left of their soul for what is hopefully a big paycheck is Kayleigh McEnany, a former CNN commentator who announced she was leaving the network on Saturday and then almost immediately turned around and appeared in a pro-Trump video streamed from within Trump Tower that was posted on Trump’s Facebook page. In the video, McEnany, promotes a number of things from Trump’s agenda, specifically the new immigration policy that helped make a certain Statue Of Liberty-hating piece of shit famous, and she spends the whole thing in front of a blue backdrop that’s covered in various Trump logos. There’s also a ticker that asks the subjects of Trump’s America to “stay up to date,” “make America great again,” and “hail Hydra” (that last one might not be real, but it’s hard to say).

Proving that she really has given up something, McEnany ends her video by saying “and that is the real news,” which everyone in the country should recognize as an outright insult to a number of our freedoms. Oh sure, it’s a cutesy joke to Donald Trump’s “fake news” catchphrase, but it’s also a very clear assertion that you can only trust news that is being read to you by someone who is surrounded by Trump logos. It’s just on Facebook and Twitter for now, but it’s probably just a matter of time before Trump starts demanding that this propaganda is shown in schools or at Boy Scout meetings.

[via Variety]


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