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Forgetful stoner donates 60 ounces of weed to Goodwill

Cheech & Chong's Up In Smoke

In a situation that’s kind of like that time you left 20 bucks in your pocket when you thoughtlessly gave them away—except with $10,000 in pot, instead—a Washington Goodwill has announced that it found 60 ounces of marijuana in a donated cooler. That’s 60 times the legal limit for possession in the state, leading the Goodwill employees to contact the police to take the charitable sticky off their hands. (Officials say the “evidence” will be burnt, as per department policy, even though technically only 59/60ths of it is actually part of a crime.)

“This is a reminder to check your purse, pockets, or cooler to make sure you’re donating the items you mean to,” said Katherine Boury, a spokesperson for Goodwill. She also noted that this isn’t the strangest thing the company’s employees have found while sorting donations, noting that, “In 2014, three human skulls were found,” including two for medical research, and one that was apparently taken from a Native American person more than a hundred years ago. “We worked with authorities to track down the origin of the Native American skull for proper burial,” Boury said, reminding us all that Goodwill doesn’t get enough credit for its work ensuring that vengeful spirits are properly lain to rest.


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