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Photo: JoLinn Pet House

Between the lady Ghostbusters trying to ruin people’s childhoods, Donald Trump trying to ruin people’s futures, and the overall dystopian feel of 2016, it can be difficult to find anything to feel good about on the internet anymore. But here’s a video everyone can agree is adorable: a kitten staging a jailbreak in order to hang out with a puppy.

The JoLinn Pet House in Taipei, Taiwan, captured the video, which perfectly encapsulates both the sneaky ingenuity of cats and the bullish excitement of dogs. The puppy is less than helpful in the kitten’s attempts to climb into its cage, but after a few precarious seconds, it all works out okay—even if the kitten does seem to have slight buyer’s remorse in its decision. Overall, however, the cuteness levels are truly off the charts here and provide a much-needed break from serious real-world concerns.


Of course it’s also true that Peter Venkman listed “dogs and cats living together” as one of the signs of the impending apocalypse, so maybe we shouldn’t be too comforted by this video after all.

[via Blaze Press]

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