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Forensic scientist gives Dan Aykroyd's Crystal Head Vodka skull bottle a reconstructed face

If you thought the most unnerving thing about Crystal Head Vodka was the many PR opportunities it affords for Dan Aykroyd to threaten Ghostbusters 3,  along comes forensic scientist Nigel Cockerton, who has taken it upon himself to give the brand’s distinctive skull bottle a face. Applying facial reconstruction and buzz-ruining techniques, Cockerton was able to reveal what the skull would look like with skin and muscle made of clay, and the lidded eyes and huge grin made of having liquor poured directly through a hole in its brain. Then Cockerton gave it a ponytail for some reason that we don’t necessarily want the answer to, most likely. Anyway, now you’ll never forget that every crystal skull you quaff once had a crystal face, and that that face was terrifying. Truly, knowledge is your treasure. [via Cheezburger]


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