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Forbes list reveals that rappers make a lot of money

Though they’re loath to talk about it, many rappers do quite well for themselves—so well, in fact, that Forbes actually compiled a list of the highest earners in hip-hop. Here’s the top 10 and what they’ve pulled in over the last 12 months:

1. Jay-Z, $63 million

2. Sean “Diddy” Combs, $30 million

3. Akon, $21 million

4. Lil Wayne, $20 million

5. Dr. Dre, $17 million

6. Ludacris, $16 million

7. Snoop Dogg, $15 million

8. Timbaland, $14 million

9. Pharrell, $13 million

10. Kanye West, $12 million

Of particular note: Akon, who made most of his income thanks to Lady Gaga being on his Interscope imprint; Lil Wayne, who made all that money despite spending the last five months in jail; Ludacris, who collected much of his earnings from endorsement deals with Tag body spray and Trojan Magnum condoms; and Kanye West who, since the list’s publication, has most likely already spent all of that on Lanvin jogging suits and leather shorts. Check out the rest of the list and all its “Soulja Boy made $6 million this year??!” revelations here.


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