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For just $10,500, Game Of Thrones nerds can buy an actual Night's Watch watch

Illustration for article titled For just $10,500, emGame Of Thrones /emnerds can buy an actual Nights Watch watch

Reminding Jon Snow and company that, on the wall, there’s nothing but time, a Swiss watch company has released a Game Of Thrones-inspired watch for the Night’s Watch. Ulysse Nardin debuted the $10,500 watch this week at its store in New York, saying that the marine diver’s combination of black and red represents “the serious feel of the sacred order.” Of course, as Mance Rayder can attest, no member of the Night’s Watch can actually wear red, but whatever.


The Night’s Watch watch is made of stainless steel and rubber (not that Jon Snow knows anything about rubbers, right? Right?), is supposedly inspired by the show’s opening credits, and features two inscriptions on the strap: “The Night’s Watch” and “I am the Sword in the Darkness.”

Only 25 versions of the watch have been made, but Ulysse Nardin says it might make new editions of the watch down the road.

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