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For a mere $15, Andrew W.K. will give you his own blood, sweat, and filth

The forthcoming deluxe reissue of Andrew W.K.’s I Get Wet comes with a special surprise: W.K.'s very own filth and excretions. Included in 496 copies of the double-disc autographed edition will be a square cut from W.K.’s very own, stage-worn white Levis. Three other lucky (or unlucky, depending on how you look at it) buyers will receive a lock of W.K.’s unwashed, greasy mane, while one special sucker will find their record packaged with a free airline ticket. Not a usable one, of course, but rather an autographed stub that W.K. used to fly from Prague to New York at some point. And all 500 copies will come packaged with "a bloody nose air-freshener… to help with any potential odors contained in the CD case.”

Because he's too relentlessly positive to worry about grossing anyone out, W.K. says he originally wanted to include “used tissues and one of my hangnails,” but was told that customs doesn’t take too kindly to sending human fluids in the mail. So he went for the jeans instead, saying they give him “party power—kind of like Dumbo’s magic feather,” and that he hopes they “bring even more magical partying to anyone who possesses them.”


The I Get Wet reissue arrives Aug. 28 on Century Media Records and includes a second disc of never-before-heard live recordings, demos, alternate mixes, and other material. The live recordings were allegedly made with “a unique microphone enclosure disguised to look like a piece of monitor equipment and designed to replicate W.K.’s skull,” with the “aim of recreating the sound inside his own ear canals.” You can pre-order it now.

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