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For a mere $10,000, Miley Cyrus will design your next tattoo

That Miley Cyrus is a singer isn’t really a matter for debate. That she’s an artist—well, that’s another story. Though Cyrus recently launched her own “Dirty Hippie” art exhibition, complete with a bejeweled bong and other plastic knick-knacks, casual observers might be less than impressed with the former child star’s hot glue-heavy stylings. Hardcore fans, on the other hand, might opt for something more permanent—namely, a tattoo designed by Cyrus herself. For a mere $10,000, Cyrus will design a custom tattoo for you. Generously, Cyrus won’t be pocketing that money. Instead, it’ll be donated to My Friend’s Place, the Los Angeles-based charity that Cyrus partnered with last month, when she brought a homeless man to the VMAs as her date and verbal proxy.

Financially challenged Cyrus fans will be rewarded for their more meager donations as well. For just $5,000, Cyrus will record one fan’s voicemail, and $125 earns supporters an “exclusive campaign hoodie.” Fans that donate $40 will get an assortment of Cyrus-designed temporary tattoos—an incentive that, at 1/250 the cost of the actual tat, is probably about 250 times more sensible than getting something Cyrus designed inked on you for life.


[via Complex]

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