Mr. Rubber Burner

If you’ve got $2,000 to spare and a burning sense of toy-related nostalgia, then you might be interested in purchasing a Big Wheel Drift Trike. The adult-sized Big Wheel knock-off is motorized, meaning riders can truck all over town without having to worry about their age-crippled stamina. It also features actual, rubberized wheels that are far superior to the hollow plastic things that came on the original Big Wheel. Purchasers have the option to upgrade their Trike with hydraulic disc brakes, a tube-mounted gas tank, or a better set of handlebars.

Of course, as any Big Wheel aficionado knows, the ’80s mainstays were great for skids and drifts. These big boy Big Wheels are as well, as made clear in the video below, featuring adult men who spent $2,000 on motorized Big Wheels. At least they look like they’re having fun.