Empire fans interested in getting their dangerous and experimental medical treatments in the same bed as Lucious Lyon are in luck: The fictional label head’s fictional home is now for sale for a very real $13 million. The 20,000 square foot, five-bedroom home in Barrington, Illinois sits on eight acres overlooking a lake. The house was home to all sorts of cutting Cookie barbs throughout the show’s first season, as well as some hot family drama about who’d take over Empire should Lucious die, which—spoiler alert—he’s totally not about to any time soon. As real estate blog Hooked On Houses notes, quite a few Empire scenes were actually shot in the home, though it looks like some of the rooms were rebuilt as sets elsewhere as the season went on.

The current and very Lucious-friendly homeowner, Sam Cecola, also owns the Admiral Theatre, a strip club in Chicago. He previously ran a Vegas strip joint, Club Paradise, but had to sell following some tax problems and rumored mob tussles.