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Footage of a young Beyoncé could go for nearly $4 million at auction

(Screenshot: YouTube/Ted Owen & Co)
(Screenshot: YouTube/Ted Owen & Co)

You know all those adorable videos of your friends’ kids being adorable in your social media feeds? You know, the ones that you never watch? Right, well, you might want to consider downloading and saving them from now on, in case 25 years from now one of those kids happens to become the most marketable name in the music industry. Case in point: An auction company got its hands on a trove of professionally produced Betacam video tapes of a pre-teen Beyoncé Knowles practicing with her then-group Girl’s Tyme, and is expected to sell the 12 tapes for $3.8 million, Uproxx reports.

The London-based Ted Owen & Co. describes this as a “unique opportunity to … witness the beginning of what we know to be Beyoncé’s incredible journey to superstardom.”

The collection, dating from 1992, consists of approximately two and half hours of footage depicting Beyoncé playing to camera in several locations, working out dance routines, rehearsing for a live performance in addition to performing at an artists showcase in San Francisco. There is additional unedited footage of Beyoncé at the Record Plant recording studios in Sausalito California, working on dance routines for what was intended to be her first professionally recorded music video.

This recently unearthed and never seen original footage offers the viewer a candid insight into a 10-year-old Beyoncé developing her craft that would ultimately make her [one of] the world’s biggest pop stars.


If you’ve got a couple million dollars burning a hole in your pocket and think this might make a nice conversation piece, bids are being accepted from November 29 until January 10. Here’s a sneak peek at what you’re buying.

[via Uproxx]

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