The Food Network has announced that it is canceling Ace Of Cakes, bringing television’s slate of cake-related reality shows down to, what, 13? We say “13” because that’s a cutesy allusion to the “baker’s dozen,” you see; we actually have no idea how many cake-related reality shows there are, but there are probably more than you’re thinking of right now. However, Food Network says that it is currently “developing new show concepts” for Ace Of Cakes’ “star baker” Duff Goldman—which seems sort of pointless. If you want a show about a guy who’s really good at making cakes, why not just keep making that one? The fickle favor of the Food Network, it is a mystery.

Anyway, the final season of Ace Of Cakes will begin airing in January and will feature a cameo from Pavement, where Goldman’s Charm City Cakes gang will make the band a cake based on one of their album covers, and Stephen Malkmus will probably make an offhand comparison between Billy Corgan and an éclair or something that will piss him off for about 15 years.