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Food Network and Alton Brown are heading back to Kitchen Stadium

Iron Chef America

According to Variety, the Food Network is returning to one of the most famous cooking competition shows of all time with Iron Chef Gauntlet, a new revival of the Iron Chef brand. Original color commentator Alton Brown will return as host, but we don’t know very much beyond that. The Variety story says details are “thin,” but it will apparently “offer some new twists on the cooking-showdown format.”

The original show centered on established chefs competing against less-famous challengers in the Kitchen Stadium, with a new mystery ingredient introduced in each episode to shake things up. It first premiered in Japan in 1993, but came to America on the Food Network in 1999. Since then, a couple of spin-offs have bounced around on the Food Network and the Cooking Channel, but this seems like a more dedicated reboot.

The Variety story doesn’t say when the new show will premiere, so until then: Allez Cuisine!


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