The Foo Fighters have spent most of 2014 paying tribute to the American music scene through its HBO show Sonic Highwaysa project resulting in an album of the same name to be released next week. Now, after looking to our ancestors for inspiration, the band will form a more perfect union on a day that previously lacks any larger meaning: July 4. This day which, until now, had nothing special about it will see Dave Grohl and the rest of the Foos take Washington D.C.’s RFK Stadium to celebrate its achievements over the past 20 years. And to ensure this day will be one people talk about for years—nay, centuries—the band is bringing along a few friends to really make the whole thing pop.

In addition to a headlining set from these heroic Fighters, there will be sets from Heart, Joan Jett, LL Cool J, Trombone Shorty, and artists that Grohl has interviewed on Sonic Highways: Washington D.C.,’s go-go pioneers Trouble Funk, Chicago blues legend Buddy Guy, and Austin‘s soulful newcomer Gary Clark Jr. Aside from music, the event will also feature a motorcycle rally, barbecue and fireworks—the type of things that will make sure that, next Fourth of July, people can carry on these traditions in their hometowns. A young child will see the exploding colors in the sky and look lovingly at their father, saying, “Dad, can you believe Mr. Grohl built all of this?” The father, wiping a single tear from his eye, will look down and say, “I know, son. May we never forget what they sacrificed to bring arena rock to us all.”