What was once purple prose from a hacky concert reviewer has become real: On the last night of this year's leg of the Wasted Light tour, the Foo Fighters literally moved the Earth in Auckland, New Zealand, where the band's show for 50,000 fans caused tremors similar to those generated by a volcano. Two seismic stations in the Auckand GeoNet network first picked up vibrations during the opening set by Tenacious D, and then stronger activity that coincided with the Foo Fighters' nearly three-hour performance. Apparently there were even "lulls in the signal between the songs and peaks in signal intensity during the songs." According to the GeoNet blog post, "the cause of the shaking is most likely the weight of the 50,000 fans dancing, as 50,000 fans is equal to around 5,000 tonnes of mass moving (or moshing) on the ground for the duration of the concert." That and the overwhelmingly monumental and bruisingly titanic power of a fire-breathing, skyscraper-destroying, world-annihilating Godzilla-sized rock monster. (Too purple?)