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Foo Fighters drop new video... about Dave Grohl's coffee addiction

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Well, turns out Dave Grohl’s a biiiiiig pothead. A pot-of-coffee head!

The latest example of Foo Fighters’ decades-long refusal to take themselves overly seriously is a mock ad for FreshPotix, a treatment for coffee addicts like Grohl. (Grohl, a longtime coffee freak, first documented his ravenous appetite for joe in a 2010 video with Them Crooked Vultures.)


“My roast grew darker and darker until I finally hit pot bottom,” he says over shots of him snorting grounds and rolling coffee joints on the toilet. “I couldn’t be there for the ones I love when they needed me the most.” He describes bouts of sleep deprivation and nasty breath, the likes of which likely contributed to his ongoing feud with a 10-year old.


In a blunt-force parody of prescription medication ads that are 80% horrifying side effects, a peppy narrator goes on to warn of the “severe monkey peen,” “bald ass,” “peptic waltzing,” “weeping taint,” “nose chickens,” “back fro,” and “Pauly Shore” that afflicts some users. (And that’s just the beginning of the list, which also includes urges to “found your own colony” and “Tinselscrote,” a breakout of tinsel on your balls.)

Watch it below and, if you’re charmed, grab yourself a FreshPotix pen at the Foos’ online store.

That the Foos are palling around in the studio as COVID rages could signal that the band is recording new tunes. They could also just be trying, like the rest of us, to not spiral into oblivion as winter clouds gather in the grey sky.


Fuck it, we’re rewatching the “Learn To Fly” video.

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