A planned 40th anniversary tribute to Johnny Cash's landmark Folsom Prison concert has been canceled, but you'll have to draw your own conclusions as to why, because right now the blame is being passed around like a toothbrush shiv. Department Of Corrections spokesman Oscar Hidalgo says security was a concern, citing the fact that organizers had made numerous event changes—such as adding a comedian to introduce the band (better luck next year, Elayne Boosler!)—that turned the modest tribute into a major headache ("We're no longer talking 40 years back, with Johnny Cash performing with a few guitars and a speaker"). However, chief promoter Jonathan Holiff is crying foul, saying, "Someone's ego in Sacramento has been bruised. And he basically carries enough weight to cancel the show." What, all these people weighing in and not one hokey Cash-related pun? Thank God for Joe Avila, executive director of Prison Fellowship Ministries! "The whole Johnny Cash story is one of redemption," [Avila] said. "Johnny was wild at heart, just like these men. But just like him, they can change. They can walk the line." Nice. (And you wonder why I always dress in black.)