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Follow the sunrise around the planet with Global Breakfast Radio

If you’re a morning person, you face a daily dilemma: Eventually, you’re going to run out of morning (also, everyone you know secretly or openly hates you for being so damn perky at 8 a.m.). A new website called Global Breakfast Radio might be able to help you (at least, with the first part of your problem), by stretching the morning out a little longer. The site aggregates streams from more than 200 radio stations and 120 countries, allowing listeners to eavesdrop on whatever people happen to be listening to when it’s 5 a.m. in Morocco, Kazakhstan, Greenland, or anywhere else sunrise is happening. Developed by author Seb Emina and audio artist Daniel Jones, it’s basically morning methadone, and makes for a fascinating window into what the start of the day sounds like across the globe.


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