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Folks, it's time to watch John C. Reilly rap

Freestyle rapping, as anyone who has ever attempted to do so and then immediately told you their name and what they’re here to say will tell you, is hard. Doing so under the pressure of Sway Calloway’s long-running Sway in the Morning radio show, where going off the top is something of a rite of passage for young rappers, is even harder. Even some of today’s most talented rappers have struggled in this moment—for every Vince Staples absolutely annihilating a Missy Elliot beat, there’s a Chance the Rapper just doing the first verse of “Favorite Song” before launching into some real struggle bars about hat confiscation.

As such, when noted non-rapper John C. Reilly was asked to supply a few rhymes while making the promotional rounds for Ralph Breaks the Internet today, you couldn’t really blame him for sticking to what he knows and firing off the first verse to Spoonie Gee’s “Spoonie Is Back”. Still, not bad! The man has some flow. Of course, anyone who has seen Walk Hard knows Reilly has real musical chops, but it’s entertaining to see him branch out into yet another genre. Rap might not be Dewey Cox’s forte, but this is an effort that would make Lil’ Nutzzak proud.

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