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Flula Borg shows Conan his new music video with Ninja Sex Party, about a certain lazy Sunday

Flula Borg, Conan O’Brien
Screenshot: Conan

Comedian, actor, YouTube fixture, and DJ Flula Borg is a frequent enough Conan guest that longtime Conan O’Brien co-host Andy Richter had better start watching his ass. With Borg taking on comedy henchman (and DJ) duties on O’Brien’s 2018 comedy tour, “Team Coco Presents Conan & Friends: An Evening of Stand-Up and Investment Tips,” and appearing in memorably comic-German roles on Archer and The Good Place, among other things perhaps not quite as great, the German comic has made himself comfortably at home in American entertainment circles, and on Conan’s couch. (Borg is also rumored to be playing an as-yet-unnamed role in James Gunn’s upcoming Suicide Squad sequel, so DC fans should add their guesses as to which comically inept European supervillain Borg might play in the comments. Count Vertigo seems a good fit.)


On Thursday’s Conan, Borg—whose actual German accent sounds a lot like Nick Kroll doing a Flula Borg impression and challenging you to a game of foosball—animatedly showed off his latest comedy-music video, this time a collaboration with noted goof-rock power duo Ninja Sex Party. And while the self-aware poppy put-on that is the trio’s song “Self-Care Sunday” might recall the musical-comedy stylings of another YouTube-busting trio’s first breakout hit in its ironic juxtaposition of music and the mundane pleasures of a Sunday afternoon with your pals, it’s still pretty funny. Conan had to ask about the way that the otherwise chipper video about the joys of a restorative spin class and charcoal-ginger enema includes an extended, mid-song tribute to Borg’s personal trainer Robert, who’s seen stationary-biking his smiling way right into the sun. “He trained too hard, Conan,” deadpanned Borg, demonstrating the need for true self-care to include more sunscreen, and less riding directly into the sun.

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