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Florida paid Pitbull $1 million to promote its “Sexy Beaches”

"Sexy Beaches"

Earlier this year, bald-headed noisemaker Pitbull released a new music video for “Sexy Beaches,” a song celebrating Florida life, sunlight, and getting to semi-secretly sing “sexy bitches” a bunch of times without people being able to yell at you for it. At the time, it was pretty clear that the video wasn’t simply an expression of the Miami musician’s love of sun and surf, though, thanks to the appearance of a Florida state travel slogan at the end of the video. (Also, Pitbull spends half the song shouting “Hotels!”, apropos of nothing in particular.)

Florida legislators—many of whom don’t appear to be fans of questionable lines like “I don’t bring sand to the beach, I bring the beach to the sand”—have since been questioning how much the state’s tourism department, Visit Florida, paid for the rapper’s ode to sun-kissed skin, with the agency refusing to answer questions about the financials on the grounds that it constituted “trade secrets.” Today, though, Pitbull pulled back the curtain himself, releasing the contract he signed to serve as a “celebrity tourism ambassador” for the state onto Twitter.


It turns out Visit Florida paid $1 million—out of its annual $78 million budget—for Pitbull’s diplomatic services, including the music video, social media posts, a New Year’s Eve show, and a number of promotional “Pit Packages” for fans. Pitbull also released a statement about the whole deal, asserting that regardless of how much they paid him, he loves Florida on its own merits, which he proved through the use of #LoveFL, a hashtag he is no longer being paid a million dollars to include.

[via Stereogum]

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