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Florida man's UberEats order contains shit-stained underwear, in stunning metaphor for the gig economy

Photo: Ollie Millington (Getty Images)

Here’s a news story less useful in the sense of information you could apply to your every day life—hopefully—and more about establishing a lower bound for the evils that the gig economy can wrought: A Florida man (obviously) had an UberEats delivery go about as badly as one possibly can last week (sans an app-order stabbing, at least), when he found something unexpected tucked in with his Japanese food. We could be coy here, but it probably behooves us to embrace bluntness: It was underwear. Shit-stained underwear, to be precise.

Specifically, the man (identified only as Leo) says his driver appeared very nervous when he passed off the order, which contained the expected shrimp fried rice and spicy dumplings, and the unexpected “fancy napkin,” which, on closer examination, turned out to be a pair of wadded-up thermal underwear with conspicuous brown stains on them. Having failed to check that particular box when placing his order, Leo was understandably upset about the addition, but was told by authorities that, while the driver in question had been suspended, there was no further action that could be taken, at least beyond a brisk jog to the dumpster—and then the arson store—in order to “handle” the previous delivery.


But hey: At least he got a full refund for the order!

[via Munchies]


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