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Florence Pugh and Michael Shannon face off in this Little Drummer Girl exclusive

Screenshot: AMC Networks

As our November preview has already amply demonstrated, the late fall still has several scintillating dramas in store, not least of which is Park Chan-wook’s adaptation of John le Carré’s The Little Drummer Girl. Florence Pugh, the breakout star of Lady Macbeth, stars as Charlie, an English actress with leftist politics who stumbles upon an opportunity to do more than just spout radical talking points at bourgeois parties. Enter Alexander Skarsgård as Gadi, a taciturn (but gorgeous) Israeli intelligence officer who thinks Charlie’s ability to become anyone can be put to use elsewhere.

The limited series, which makes its two-hour debut November 19 on AMC, also stars Michael Shannon as Martin Kurtz, a “spymaster” who’s eager to test Charlie’s limits before they can even shake hands. But as we see in this exclusive clip, she can more than hold her own.

The Little Drummer Girl premieres November 19 at 9 p.m.


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