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Screenshot: Flixarcade

In the ’80s and ’90s, many of the most dubiously successful properties were subject to video game adaptations, and many connected to their source material in only the most disparate of ways (looking at you, Home Improvement: Power Tool Pursuit!). Perhaps as a nod to those bygone days, Netflix has released Flixarcade, a side-scrolling 8-bit browser game modeled on four different Netflix original series.

As the protagonist of Narcos, Marco Polo, Orange Is The New Black, or Stranger Things, players sprint through a world modeled after the respective show, using the spacebar to leap over various baddies both human and demogorgon. The levels are infinite, so you can play as long as you feel like procrastinating. The best part, though? The MIDI-influenced tunes, which expertly tailor each show’s theme music to the 8-bit action.

Image: Netflix

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