Band meeting: Bret? Check. Jemaine? Check. Murray? Check. HBO? Check.
HBO announced today that Flight Of The Conchords has been renewed for a second season, along with Entourage, which will return for its fifth. Not that anyone expected the much-ballyhooed Entourage to get canceled–HBO president Carolyn Strauss called it a "full-fledged cultural phenomenon"–but the more modest, yet arguably better, Flight was a question mark for season two. That was especially true since HBO axed fellow newcomer John From Cincinnati, but Strauss said, "Conchords has quickly become a show to watch."
Conchords basically re-imagines Tenacious D in New York with two lackadaisical New Zealanders (Jemaine Clement and Bret McKenzie) and their clueless manager (Rhys Darby). Sub Pop released the duo's debut EP, The Distant Future Aug. 7; a full-length is planned for January.