Photo: Andy Sheppard / Getty Images

The last time Fleet Foxes performed live, Tea Party patriots were bravely protesting the existential threat of Obama’s first term, Arsenio Hall was on his way toward winning the fifth season of NBC’s The Celebrity Apprentice, and nobody knew what the hell a “Gangnam Style” was. The world has shifted somewhat since the Helplessness Blues Tour stage was dissembled for the final time on January 20, 2012—not for the better. some would say. Others would agree. However, perhaps as a harbinger of positive things to come, the Seattle indie folk band will soon play its first show in a half-decade.

The band announced, via its official website, that it will be performing at the Bilbao BBK Live festival, being held in northern Spain from July 6 to 8. Now, if you can’t fit a Mediterranean trip into summer plans this year, don’t despair. The band claims that its third album—possibly called Crack-Up—is “Alllllmost done,” so some more dates will almost certainly be getting tacked onto that very thin touring list.


[via Stereogum]