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Phoebe Waller-Bridge believes she has come up with an idea that is “good enough” for second season of Fleabag, and thus it will come to fruition probably sometime in 2018. Speaking to Radio Times, the creator and star explained her hesitancy to expand on the near-perfect first batch of episodes that explored the self-destructive psyche of a woman dealing with powerful grief. She told the publication that she only wanted to embark on a follow-up if she had “an idea that was good enough,” but added: “I think I have one.” She is aiming to shoot it in November.

Waller-Bridge is at present preoccupied with playing a role in the Star Wars Han Solo spinoff, a project that is preventing the immediate return of now not one but two beloved television shows. Her co-star Donald Glover’s Altanta also won’t be back until next year. She is also working on a spy series for BBC America.


[via Uproxx]

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