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Flavor Flav's fried chicken restaurant has already closed

Despite making proclamations that he would redefine fried chicken as wholly as he’d redefined love, Flavor Flav has closed the Iowa-based Flav’s Fried Chicken a mere four months after it opened. The restaurant had been besieged by problems since it first debuted, with employees recently complaining that their checks had bounced—although considering Flav promised visitors would find him “seasoning up my chicken, flouring up my chicken, frying up my chicken, even serving my chicken,” those employees were probably superfluous anyway. Flav reportedly pulled his name from the restaurant after he “exchanged harsh words” with his business partner, Nick Cimino, whom Flav says was simply not “running the business right.” Cimino then countered that Flav was “’a fraud’ who was trying to get rich off of his ideas and work,” which is a pretty bold statement for a guy whose entire business is predicated on the “idea” that it’s funny to eat a bucket of fried chicken with Flavor Flav’s face on it.


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