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Flat-earthers go to war with their sworn enemies: hollow-earthers

Illustration from "Symmes's Theory of Concentric Spheres," 1878: http://bit.ly/2tKA8Lo

We all know that science is only a tool of The Man designed to keep free-thinkers down, but that doesn’t mean that its age-old principles—rigorous debate and careful evidence gathering—shouldn’t be used by the radical fringe in examining their wide-eyed theories. If our world leaders are lizard men, the least we can do is make very sure they are not, in fact, insect men.

Over at Vice, Mack Lamoureux valiantly explains modern hollow-earth theory and its proponents. A basic rundown for the sheeple who still believe their Illuminati-printed text books: hollow-earthers adhere to various offshoots of a 1692 theory that our planet is comprised of several concentric spheres, updated in 1818 to include information on the holes that serve as entryways.


Though debunked multiple times, the hollow-earthers persist and, in a brief, tantalizing detour from Lamoureux’s article, get into (probably really, really entertaining) debates with their oppositional thought leaders, the flat-earthers.

[W]hen the group wanders into forums like Godlike Productions or other conspiracy sites, it can have trouble playing well with others. The group members are often made fun of by people who subscribe to cooler theories (yes, if you were wondering, there is a hierarchy among conspiracy theories). To cap it off, there exists some friction with the flat-earthers, who have become hot as hell as of late, because each theory makes the other redundant.

This debate is welcome news. As we all know, flat-earthers are completely full of shit and the real truth-tellers must defeat them if we are ever to establish fruitful communications with the perfect, giant people living just beneath us. Lest we get distracted by the admittedly compelling argument that our planet is a glorified coffee table, wobbling in space, remember that victory for their side might mean the defeat for the rest of us. After all, the Nazis are down there, building UFOs, and they must be stopped.

Check out the whole article over at Vice for much more mind expansion.


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