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Flaming Lips nab Bon Iver for new collaborative album, hope to also recruit Ke$ha

The latest indie darling to accept an invitation to grace The Flaming Lips’ star-studded new collaborative album is Grammy-nominated Midwestern outfit Bon Iver. Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne says Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon is sending him two tracks to work on “any day now.” The album's high-profile roster of collaborators already includes Neon Indian, the Plastic Ono Band, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, and Nick Cave.

But Coyne isn’t stopping there. The 50-year-old still has a fully stocked wish list of additional guests he’d love to reel in, which includes songstresses Lykke Li and Erykah Badu. And there’s one notorious glitter-puking party cannibal Coyne is dying to snag—yes, Coyne says, he would love to record some kind of “weird rap” with Ke$ha. “We knew she was a fan,” Coyne tells Rolling Stone. “There are a lot of these sort of druggy outlets out there that people get connected through.” Coyne hopes the as-of-yet-untitled record will come to final fruition this April. [via Rolling Stone]


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