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Flaming Lips debut multi-part "single" designed specifically for smart phones

Not to be outdone by those sneaky music releasers in Radiohead or the Grammy-winning “pricks” from Arcade Fire, Flaming Lips are streaming a new 12-part composition entitled “Two Blobs Fucking” today on YouTube. The band is positioning the experimental track—described as a “lo-fi symphony” designed specifically for listening on smart phones, and playing "with" other smart phones—in the same vein as the band’s ultimate audio adventure, 1997’s four-disc Zaireeka, which was intended (much less conveniently) to be on played on four different stereos simultaneously.

While much of Zaireeka eventually coalesced into recognizable songs once listeners rustled up the appropriate number of CD players, “Two Blobs Fucking” is a swan dive into the abyss of spooky abstraction, sounding like music that was created with smart phones as much as for them. (This is based on the five parts that are currently posted.) Check it out here.


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