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Flaming Lips and Toadies hasten along the ‘90s X-Men with illustrated cameos

The X-Men, now with more '90s nostalgia! (Image: Marvel)

Just like KISS before them, the Flaming Lips have entered the two-dimensional world of Marvel comics, as Billboard reports the band makes an appearance in the latest issue of X-Men ’92. The cover art is below, and features Wayne Coyne looking as puzzled about his appearance alongside a mid-berserker rage Wolverine as we are reading about it:

Courtesy of Marvel

But Marvel, perhaps realizing that adorning the comic book’s pages with one ’90s band wouldn’t satisfy the nostalgia monster, has also announced that Toadies will leave their “Possum Kingdom” for Xavier’s School For Gifted Youngsters. There’s no preview of what that issue will look like, or really how either band plays into the storyline beyond establishing that yes, it is definitely 1992. Maybe X-Men ’92 will revisit that time the X-Men went to the Texas State Fair, where the Toadies will just happen to be performing. In any case, this all ties in rather nicely with Simon Kinberg’s announcement that the next X-Men movie will be set in the ’90s as well.


[via Stereogum]

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