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Flaked, Netflix’s upcoming entry in the years-long experiment to keep a live-action Will Arnett vehicle on the air for more than a season and change, has cast its female lead. Ruth Kearney, whose stint as a cult member on The Following has hopefully prepared her for a world in which death (or cancellation) lurks around every corner, has been cast in the show as London, a waitress who stands at the center of a love triangle involving her boyfriend, Dennis (David Sullivan, who starred as Abe in the 2004 time travel puzzler Primer), and Chip, Arnett’s self-involved “guru” lead.

Besides The Following, Kearney also starred on the U.K.’s dinosaur drama Primeval, where she hopefully honed her self-preservation skills by battling against super-smart lizards and beetles from the future. After all, you never know when a ravenous, ratings-seeking TV executives is going to leap out of the shadows to cancel an Arnett-lead show, the way they did with the actor’s last program, The Millers. (The fact that Netflix has given room and support to two different Arnett-filled projects, Arrested Development and BoJack Horseman, could just be seen as baiting the trap for this final, most brutal of kills.)


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