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A few weeks back, we reported that the Grammys were organizing a tribute concert to Prince, to be recorded two days after the award show’s annual ceremony this Sunday, and broadcast some time in April. Although there were some big names on that line-up—including Beck, Common, St. Vincent, and more—the most exciting part about the whole setup was that Prince protege Sheila E. would be serving as one of its musical directors, along with assurances that the concert would feature performances from both the Revolution, and Morris Day And The Time.


That was apparently insufficient tribute to the late, great, most purple-ish one, though, and so U.K. pop star FKA Twigs put out the word today: The Grammys themselves will now also be featuring a Prince tribute, to be performed by Twigs, Usher, and—who else?—Sheila E. The Magadalene singer broke the news earlier today, calling in for an appearance on Zane Lowe’s Beats 1 show on Apple Music. (Which was mostly centered on suggestions that she might wear chaps during the performance, so hey, thanks for keeping it super classy, guys.)

The Grammys have paid tribute to Prince already, of course—most notably with a collaboration between Bruno Mars and The Time in 2017, a few months after the superstar’s death. That being said: The more the merrier, and it’ll be interesting to see how FKA Twigs interprets and pays homage to his sound-defining catalog of work.

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