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Fixing to make Ernie Hudson feel good on Epix’s Graves


According to The Hollywood Reporter, Ernie Hudson has landed the role of a Winston Wolf-type character on Epix’s upcoming political-satire series, Graves. Combined with the recent news that Hudson would make an appearance in the upcoming Ghostbusters reboot, this brings Ernie Hudson casting announcements to more than 40 times the national average.

In the latest sign that the McConaissance is giving way to the Great Hudson Revival, Epix announced that Graves would feature the former Oz warden as Jacob Mann, a fixer for the family of former U.S. President Graves. It sounds a little bit like Showtime’s Ray Donovan, if Ray served a political family instead of a shady law firm, and if he was smooth and charismatic instead of a sullen troglodyte.


Much in the way that pop culture regards Hudson’s Winston Zeddemore as a steadfast, ghost-busting uncle, Mann will be considered an extension of the former first family. Hopefully that means that we’ll get to see him divide his time between taking care of the Graves kids, taking care of Woodbury (the Graves’ feisty cocker spaniel), and “taking care of” that blackmailer who won’t leave the former President alone.

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