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Fit To Print catalogs the Times' gosh-darn aversion to curse words

As the Paper Of Flippin’ Record, the blankety-blanks down at the New York Times have to report on whatever kind of crapola goes on in the world. And if some son-of-a-gun uses some gosh-darn cuss words, you’re darn tootin’ they’re still going to report the H-E-double-hockey-sticks out of it.

Well jeez Louise and Jiminy Crickets, some so-and-so out there has decided to catalog all the ways the Times reports on all the sugar and fudge out there in the world, without getting its mouths washed out with soap. Fit To Print is a Tumblr that reprints the Grey Lady at her most ladylike, cataloging every “expletive deleted” and attempt to tiptoe around potty language. It’s some amusing [expletive].


(h/t to the assholes over at kottke.org for the motherfucking link)

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