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Fish Mooney is coming back to Gotham for season two


Although Gotham’s season-one finale gave viewers plenty of reasons to think that Fish Mooney (Jada Pinkett Smith) was sleeping with the—well, you know—those waters have turned out to be a lot murkier. TV Line has learned that Pinkett Smith will reprise her role as the underworld boss and hobbler of Cobblepots. A representative for Fox confirmed Fish’s return but not its circumstances, though we’d guess it might have a little something to do with what’s going on over at Indian Hill.

Of course, we realize that a death sentence is often rescinded or otherwise transcended in comics, but it’s not as though Gotham is hurting for villains—in fact, they’re on the rise. There’s even one with a fish name already lined up for season two. And Fish Mooney was already yielding diminishing returns as an antagonist in season one, so we have to wonder how she’ll fare in a season that’s just swimming with bad guys. Still, Pinkett Smith has signed on for multiple episodes, so it sounds like the writers have a bead on a story.


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