You may have decked out your home in black-velvet paintings of Tony Montana, named your bulldog Sosa, and memorized that speech Robert Loggia gives about never getting high on your own supply down to the smallest inflection, but only the most gangsta Scarface fan is worthy of the new Scarface Special Limited Edition. According to a press release, on September 6, Universal will finally issue the 1983 ode to massive balls on Blu-ray with several added bonuses, such as a “scorecard feature” that allows you to keep a running tally of every bullet and F-bomb, plus a documentary on the film’s lasting effect on filmmakers and fans who want to be just like Tony, even though his life is kind of miserable a lot of the time, if you really pay attention.

But only the true fans will be worthy of the special edition, which is being limited to just 1,000 copies: Encased in SteelBook packaging (so as to withstand any sort of rival gang assault), it includes a digital copy of the movie, a DVD of the 1932 Scarface, 10 “art cards,” and perhaps best of all, an “elegantly hand-crafted Scarface-themed humidor,” perfect for storing your finest Cubans or personal mound of uncut Colombian cocaine. The price is a steal at only $999.99—and honestly, chances are that if you care this much about showing everyone what a big Scarface fan you are, you’re okay with dropping tons of money on gaudy, unnecessary shit.  (Of course, you could also spend that money on actual coke and just watch it on Spike TV again, but that’s for cockroaches.)