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First-time colonoscopy patient Jimmy Kimmel finally travels completely up his own asshole

Walking a fine line between public health awareness and butt-based prurience, Jimmy Kimmel got away with broadcasting the pink, supple interior of his colon to millions of people tonight. Specifically, Kimmel—working with Katie Couric, who did something similar on Today many years ago, in order to promote women’s health—broadcast his first colonoscopy on his ABC show Live! tonight, emphasizing both the importance of regular screenings, and the general weirdness of getting an in-depth look at the polyp status of a well-known talk show host.


Ironically, the segment flags a bit once the camera starts actually delving into the Love Below, mostly because Kimmel’s sedation means we’re left with Couric’s forced comedic schtick to keep the humor afloat. Still, this is a pretty solid win in the “That’s something you don’t see every day” column, unless, of course, you’re a colonoscopy technician, in which case we just hope you don’t feel too bad that you didn’t get called up to perform in The Big Show that is Jimmy Kimmel’s butt.

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