Image: Marvel

Marvel’s The Punisher has been quietly marshaling its forces away from the spotlight—you know, outside of wrap parties. The spin-off series starring Jon Bernthal still doesn’t have a release date, but we know that production on the first season has concluded. With The Defenders now in sight and Iron Fist now blessedly in the rearview, Marvel’s released a poster for The Punisher with Frank Castle in full, bloodied uniform.


Signature skull tee? Check. Big-ass gun? Locked and loaded. The blood of his enemies? All over his face, shirt, and coat. And, as ever, he has the stance of someone who feels he’s meted out justice, but isn’t exactly reveling in it.

This is a good start, but we’re really hoping to see more of showrunner Steve Lightfoot’s vision for the series soon—in a trailer, for example. If you need something else to tide yourself over with, Marvel also released a much more colorful poster for The Defenders, which is over at Entertainment Weekly. Both the Punisher and Defenders art will be made available exclusively to San Diego Comic-Con attendees next week.