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First photos of Seth Rogen's The Green Hornet

When the Seth Rogen-starring, Michel Gondry-directed big-screen update of The Green Hornet was first announced three years ago, it was greeted with some skepticism about whether such an unlikely congruence would ever really happen—skepticism being the fashion at the time. But we’ve entered a more cautiously optimistic era, an easy-breezy attitude toward life that’s been buoyed by the recent unveiling of these first photos of Rogen and Gondry’s take on the masked crime fighter. As you can see, The Green Hornet definitely exists. As to what else these preliminary glimpses can tell us, well, you’ll have to draw your own conclusions—save for the fact that Gondry appears to be hewing to the character’s classic appearance, as opposed to giving him some sort of rubber-and-leather makeover, and during at least one scene in the film, shit blows up real good. The first teaser trailer is set to debut tonight during Jimmy Kimmel Is Alive. [Yahoo! via Coming Soon]


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