It was good enough for Mean Joe Greene, Bill Cosby, and Max Headroom, but Coca-Cola is in an uproar over Jesus drinking their soda in the new Italian film 7 Km Da Gerusalemme (Seven Kilometers from Jerusalem). In the movie, a Milanese ad exec having a midlife crisis journeys to the Holy Land, where he finds Jesus hitchhiking and offers him a Coke. Jesus quaffs it as the man exclaims, "My God, what a testimonial!" While even the Vatican has given the film the papal thumbs-up, Coca-Cola complained that the use of their product was unauthorized and "likely to give Coca-Cola a negative image," and now the film—set to be released Friday in time for Easter—has been pulled for re-editing.

P.S. Other than those Keith Richards stories, this may be the best headline of the week.