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First glimpse of Disney+'s Loki series teases a '70s setting

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Photo: Chuck Zlotnick (Disney)

In April, Disney held an “Investor Day” event where it could brag about all of the new and exciting ways it was planning to make money, like live-action remakes of animated films and a move we like to call “put a Star Wars on it,” but one specific tease that attendees were privy to was a glimpse of the Disney+ streaming service’s upcoming Loki series. We don’t know much about the show, other than that Rick And Morty veteran Michael Waldron was reportedly hired to write for it, but Avengers fans theorized that it could be set in the brief window from Endgame where Loki stole the Tesseract and disappeared. We still don’t know if that’s true, but now Disney has released a photo of Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige from Investor Day that happens to feature a blurry glimpse of Loki in the background:


If you look past the studio executive in the hat, you’ll see what appears to be Tom Hiddleston’s God Of Mischief walking through a busy city street with a theater marquee advertising Jaws behind him—implying that this takes place in 1975, alongside the release of a movie called Jaws. That decade is unknown territory for the MCU, so we don’t know what Loki might have been up to in the ‘70s or whether he was still kind of evil in those days, but this could fill in a bit of the gap between Captain America going into the ice during World War II and Carol Danvers crashing into a Blockbuster in the ‘90s.

[via Comic Book]

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