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First Fosse/Verdon teaser has Michelle Williams, Sam Rockwell, and all that jazz

The Assassination Of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story landed a couple wins at the Golden Globes last night, proving that Ryan Murphy is still a champion hitmaker, but the days of him creating new hit shows for FX are over now that he has taken a reported $300 million to develop content for Netflix. FX doesn’t want anyone to think it’s crying about losing Murphy, though, which is presumably why it just released a teaser for Fosse/Verdon, a new miniseries that looks a lot like an attempt to fill the Ryan Murphy-shaped hole in its schedule.


The series stars Sam Rockwell as legendary director/choreographer Bob Fosse and Michelle Williams as legendary Broadway performer Gwen Verdon, which would be pretty big on its own since Rockwell and Williams are award-winning actors, but Fosse/Verdon hits the prestige bell even harder by counting none other than Lin-Manuel Miranda as one of its executive producers. To recap: Fosse/Verdon has two famous actors playing two famous people, with another famous person working behind the scenes. Who needs Ryan Murphy?

Anyway, here’s a trailer.