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Illustration for article titled First dedicated iHarry Potter /istore to open in New York this summer
Photo: Warner Bros.

If New York is famous for one thing, it’s gimmicky one-off stores that sell specific merchandise, like the Nintendo store, the M&M store, and the corner of the NBC store that is desperately trying to sell off the remaining Sunnyside t-shirts (if New York is famous for two things, the second is the special water that makes bagels taste different or whatever). Now, a newcomer is joining those esteemed ranks, with Warner Bros. announcing that it will be bringing the first-ever flagship Harry Potter store to New York this summer.


According to a press release, the store will be located at 935 Broadway, near the Flatiron building, and it will feature three floors and 20,000 square feet of robes, wands, and those bad jelly beans that fans pretend to like (“Ew, I got vomit! How… fun!”). For the record, that’s twice as big as the aforementioned Nintendo store, which has to sell Pokémon stuff and Mario stuff in one place. It’s not our job to stock the Harry Potter store, but they’ll need a lot of robes and wands and beans to fill that much space. Luckily, there will apparently be “interactive experiences and numerous photo opportunities” in the store.

An official date for the opening of the store hasn’t been announced, and there’s no word on if there will be an evil counterpart store, but you can see a rendering of it up above. Look, there’s Johnny Depp! The bad jelly bean of people!

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